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The 4-Hour Body cheat sheet, meal plans and other tips on this blog are now available in Slow Carb Fat Loss, a handy companion guide to make the most of the slow carb fat loss plan. Buy a copy today.

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Please check out the updated version of the cheat sheet available here.

If you have been reading The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferris, you’re probably pretty excited to get started. Although the basic eating plan is simple enough, if you add in the GLUT-4 exercises, supplements, and other activities, it can get confusing to plan your day.

I did my best to capture the eating plan, GLUT-4 exercises, supplements, and cold therapy in one cheat sheet for my own use, which provides a daily schedule for the 4-Hour Body fat loss plan.

It is not a replacement for the book itself. The 4-Hour Body is an excellent resource, well researched and carefully documented. The cheat sheet is just a helpful way to capture the most important information on a single page for people who have read the book.

4-Hour Body Cheat Sheet

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If you find the cheat sheet helpful, please check out the 4-Hour Body Fat Loss Shopping List, which puts together the supplements, exercise equipment, and measuring tools from the 4-Hour Body in one place.