Jack Miller and Shannon Emerson have been putting on The Big Show for many years now.

It started as a variety show in their garage, expanded to and then out-grew Disjecta, and now has found a home at the Alberta Rose Theatre. The 2012 show takes place on May 19th at 8pm. Admission is just $15.

Their motto is “You can do what you think”:

We’ve seen it all: short films, dancing, bag pipes, juggling, unicorns, short stories, giant squid, singing bees, shadow puppets, musical acts, comedy, and stuff that doesn’t even have a name yet.

We don’t care about where you’re from or what you’ve done, whether you’ve trod the boards or chopped them for firewood, if you’ve played Carnegie Hall or just used their bathroom. If you’re bold enough to release the artistic vision inside you and believe in what you’re doing enough to get up on stage and go for it live, then you could be a Big Show performer.

And if you want to feel the thrill of seeing a home-grown show stocked with unique acts performed by the multifaceted citizenry, then you belong in the Big Show audience.”

Check it out, buy tickets, or sign up to perform. You can do what you think! Anata wa dō omou ka okonau koto ga dekimasu!