Great news: The Last Firewall audiobook is available now from Audible and iTunes. Go grab a copy!

Narrated by the talented Jennifer O’Donnell, and produced by Brick Shop Shop, this unabridged production is nearly ten hours long. I’m really happy with the result.

Sorry it’s a few months late. I promised it would be available in December, but we had delays due to snowstorms, illness, and a late decision to change a few voices. I’m glad we took the time to get it right, even if that meant it’s out later than expected.

On the topic of DRM, since I know I’ll get emails about it: I prefer DRM-free content, and anywhere I’m given the opportunity as an author to opt-out, I do. Audible is great in that they allow the author and narrator to split royalties, giving indie authors a way to produce audiobooks without the huge up-front cost of narration and production. That’s why I work with them and probably will continue to do so. Unfortunately, they apply DRM, and since my agreement gives them exclusive distribution rights, there’s no way around for me. I don’t think anybody likes DRM but I’m glad Audible is indie-friendly. If you feel strongly about DRM, I encourage you to let Audible know via twitter (@audible_com) and email ( Maybe with enough pressure, they’ll come around to what their customers want.

I hope you enjoying listening to The Last Firewall. This makes the first time the entire series is available on audio, so if you haven’t tried it yet, go get the whole series. (Plus, if you sign up for an Audible account and get one of my novels first, I get a small bonus. If you want to support your indie author, Audible is the way to do it!)