Now that The Last Firewall is out, I’ve been asked what order to read the books in. There’s no one right answer, and that’s because each novel is a completely independent, self-contained story. They’re set in the same universe, have some shared characters and there is a chronological order, but you could pick up any book and enjoy it. That being said, here are my recommendations:

  • If you’re new to my science fiction, I suggest starting with The Last Firewall. If you love it, then go back and read Avogadro Corp, then A.I. Apocalypse, as prequels. There aren’t any huge spoilers, and The Last Firewall is the most accessible and polished of the three novels.
  • If you’re a stickler for reading things in chronological order, or if your job involves programming or supporting computers, then go ahead and start with Avogadro Corp, then A.I. Apocalypse, and finish with The Last Firewall.
  • And if you’ve already read Avogadro Corp and liked it, then read A.I. Apocalypse before you go on to The Last Firewall.

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