I joined up with five other authors  (Judson Roberts, Ruth Nestvold, Del Law, Luc Reid, and Annie Bellet) to start a contest that runs all through the end of December, 2012. First prize is a brand spankin’ new Kindle Fire HD with 13 eBook novels and collections of science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction. There are also 10 second prizes of three eBooks from your choice of those 13.

You can enter the contest through Twitter, Facebook, and on our contest Web page by simply listing the three books that most interest you from the list. You can enter a maximum of three times, once via each of the entry mechanisms.)

You can enter and get all the details here: http://www.kindlebooksonfire.com/.

Contest books include my own Avogadro Corp and A.I. Apocalypse, Luc Reid’s Bam! 172 Hellaciously Quick Stories and his novel of Vermont backwoods magic, Family Skulls. Some of the other books are Judson Roberts’ deeply researched and action-drive Viking trilogy, Del Law’s unique and engaging fantasy novel of humans and non-humans in overlapping worlds, Annie Bellet’s novel of crime in fantasy city called Pyrrh, and Ruth Nestvold’s Arthurian Romance-Adventure novels.

Enter the contest today!