I was searching my computer for a file this morning, and found a bunch of images I’d created in the course of writing and publishing Avogadro Corp. You can click on any of the images to see the original, high resolution photos.

It starts with this timeline for Avogadro Corp. I think it’s pretty cool, although the canonical date for the events in Avogadro Corp is now 2015.

I also found one of the pieces of the original cover design. We ended up abandoning this style, but you can see the subtitle “The Singularity Is Closer Than It Appears” comes from this visual:

Here’s the Avogadro corporate structure. This is somewhat inaccurate as compared to what’s in the final book. It also doesn’t quite address one of the lingering continuity errors: Gary Mitchell is the combination of two earlier characters. In the novel he is the head of both Ops and Communication Products.

This is probably my favorite image of the bunch. It’s the location of Avogadro Corp headquarters, located in Portland, Oregon. In real life, this is the site of Conway Trucking.