I’m incredibly excited that the audiobook version of Avogadro Corp is available on Audible.com!

It’s narrated by Rob Granniss of Brick Shop Audio. I’m delighted with how the book came out.

When Avogadro Corp was first published last December, it had a few typos. I released updated versions of the Kindle format, as those mistakes were uncovered and corrected.

But when I got the first audition tape for Avogadro from Rob, it was the first time I’d heard the book read out loud by something else. I quickly realized that I needed to do a lot more than just correct typos: I needed to go through the whole novel with a scouring pad, and clean out my overuse of certain words or sentence structures.

The result was a lengthy reworking of the narrative, with more than two hundred and fifty changes.

The audiobook includes the most up to date text, and the Kindle version has been re-released as well. The paperback in still in progress — print formatting is time consuming and hard — but that will be re-released in a few weeks as well.

I hope you’ll buy a copy of the audiobook for yourself or a friend, and check out the updated Kindle version as well.