Wow, I went camping for five days. In that time:

1) Avogadro Corp won the Gold award for Science Fiction Book of the Year from Foreword Reviews.

2) My article on How To Predict the Future went live and was syndicated across dozens of sites and tweeted about almost two hundred times.

3) Brad Feld wrote a review of A.I. Apocalypse, saying “Suarez and Hertling are geniuses at what I call “near-term science fiction” and required reading for any entrepreneur or innovator around computers, software, or Internet. And everyone else, if you want to have a sense of what the future with our machines is going to be like.” 

It was fun to watch all the hubbub at the far end of a very thin data connection through a smartphone. I should go camping more often!

(Massive shout out to Brad Feld and the fine folks at Foreword Reviews.)