From a new website called Intelligence Explosion (launched by the Singularity Institute):

Every year, computers surpass human abilities in new ways. Machines can now prove theorems, detect underwater mines, play chess and Jeopardy, and even do original science.

One day, we may design a machine that surpasses human skill at designing artificial intelligences. After that, this machine could improve its own intelligence faster and better than humans can, which would make it even more skilled at improving its own intelligence. This could continue in a positive feedback loop such that the machine quickly becomes vastly more intelligent than the smartest human being on Earth: an ‘intelligence explosion’ resulting in a machine superintelligence.

With great intelligence comes great power. It is not superior strength or perception that led humans to dominate this planet, but superior intelligence. A machine that is more intelligent than all of humanity would have unprecedented powers to reshape reality in pursuit of its goals, whatever they are. 

The site provides both scholarly and popular articles to help explain the intelligence explosion popularly known as the technology singularity.