According to a story yesterday on Mashable, Twitter hit the milestone of 200 million daily tweets by its users.

To put that in perspective however, consider these details also revealed in the article:

Twitter surpassed 50 million tweets per day less than a year-and-a-half ago, and two years ago, Twitter users sent just 10 million tweets per day.

So two years ago, Twitter daily volume was 10 million tweets per day, a year and a half ago it was 50 million tweets per day, and now it’s 200 million tweets per day.

That means Twitter grew 5x in the six month period from two years ago to one and a half years ago (30% growth per month), then then grew only 4x in following eighteen month period (8% growth per month).

While most business would be delighted to grow at 8% per month, it’s still a tremendous decline off a 30% growth rate.