Every writer has different techniques to help themselves make time for writing and to keep writing. One technique that many writers seem to use is to write first thing in the morning. They may get up early, or simply make a point that the first productive thing they do is to write.

In my experience, the real benefit I get from this is that it gets my writing back into my active consciousness. I may only write for thirty minutes in that first block before I have to go take care of kids or get to work, but by then I’m excited about my writing, and thinking about what I’m going to write next.

When that happens, I’m really motivated to find some more time to write: maybe during a lull in my day, or over the lunch hour, or even in the evening after my kids are asleep. I’d almost never write during those later parts of the day if I haven’t planted the seeds of what I want to write early in the morning.

So if you are looking for a new technique to help fit in writing, try writing for thirty minutes first thing in the morning. Even if you spend fifteen minutes reacquainting yourself with your plot and characters and only fifteen minutes writing at that first block of writing time, I think you’ll find yourself coming back to your writing again and again during the day.