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Ric Elias
  • Imagine climbing through 3,000 feet, and there is an explosion. 
  • The pilot lines up the plane with the Hudsand River. He turns off the engines. He says “brace for impact”.
  • I could see in the flight attendants eyes: terror.
  • I learned 3 things that day.
  • It all changes in an instant. All the friends I wanted to reach out to and didn’t. All the experiences I wanted and didn’t have. I am not saving good wines. I am opening them up and drinking them now.
  • I thought about my ego, and negative energy and relationships with people. I no longer have to be right. I choose to be happy. I haven’t had a fight with my wife in two years.
  • It was very sad. I didn’t want to go. I love my life. I only wished for one thing. That I could see my kids grow up. 
  • About a month later, I am watching my 1st grader in a performance.  I am crying, bawling my eyes out. I realized that I cared about was to be a great day.
  • How would you change if you had that experience?
  • How would you change your relationships, the negative energy. Are you being the best parent you can?