I’ve proposed a panel for SXSW Interactive called Be Heard: How to Innovate At Large Companies.

This is a subject I’m personally interested in. I’ve successfully introduced several innovative ideas at HP where I had to battle organizational inertia and turf wars to get them implemented. I’ve had both failures and successes. But several of my ideas have been implemented, leading to multi-million dollar benefits to HP.

My plan is to approach this panel from several different angles: real-life experiences inside companies, driving innovation from the outside, and authoritative expertise. To do this, two of the panel members will be individuals who have successfully led innovative ideas, from the ground up, to fruition at large companies. One of the invited panel members is Gene Kim, founder and award winning CTO at Tripwire, who can speak based on his experiences driving innovation from the outside in. The third perspective will be brought via another invited panelist, Gifford Pinchot 3rd, successful author and founder of Bainbridge Graduate Institute, who wrote the definitive book on driving innovation inside companies, Intrapreneuring.

I hope you’ll consider voting for my panel. (Don’t forget to login to make your vote count.) 30% of the selection weighting is given to audience votes, so your vote would be very helpful!